Types of Infections

Types of Commonly Observed Infections

In our life, everything is keeping on changing, nothing is left permanent including our body, climate, surrounding. Many of us observe that the temperature that used be in our childhood was so cool as compared to current temperatures. According to atmospheric conditions our body responds to the climate. Such external factors include pollution, global warming, our body health condition and last but not the least is our immunity. Many people are getting affected due to some bacterial and viral infections and they suffer from various mild health issues.

1)      Common cold & Flu – When there are sudden changes in the temperature our body tries to adjust to the climate and it deals with such changed. In such phase body immunity level become weak and people get affected with common cold and flu. Such types of health issues are temporary and with some rest and antibiotics they can be treated.

2)      Asthma and Breathing Issues – Many people face this issue, especially during winter or when the temperature suddenly changes to cold. It is commonly called as an Asthma attack as it suddenly appears last for some time and again things become normal like regular life.

3)      Headache – When you are fully tired or travel for long then suddenly you face this issue which is known as a headache. Sometime it happens if you do have any sort food for a long time as glucose level goes down so it is ideal to keep some sort for a glucose friendly biscuit or chocolate to refill it again in the body.

4)    Nasal Flow – Sneezing is commonly observed and everyone faces this issue very frequently. If you are intolerant to temperature or do not tolerate waking up till late night or having occasional swimming.

5)      Body Pain – If you have stretched your body after a long time like played cricket after a long time, or lifted weights over long time. To avoid such body pain one should keep himself used to of taking such body stress.

In our life we need to keep our self so fit so that we do not become a victim such temporary issues. Regular exercise and maintained fitness helps our body to keep active.

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