Safety Tips

Safety Tips – For Better You

In the world we live it is full of changes and surprises, our job is to be ready for such things. In our day to day life we come across so many situations but we don’t have emergency support. It is not necessary that emergency support means calling an ambulance. There are very small things that affect our life and body and for that purpose, we need for some solution around that we can use immediately.

1)  First Aid Box – This could one of the most important things that one should carry with. It contains a collection of safety measures that you may need in cases of mild injury. First aid box could not only helpful to you, but with your companions or family member when you are out of the location for vacation or trek.

2)  Emergency Contact Numbers – We are not sure about any sort of emergency coming across. That could be a doctor’s help, friend, your bank person in cases you need money during travel. Having such contact numbers always helps to tackle the problem and move on. Many people always carry all the things that help them to enjoy, but they always forget such important things, especially when they are out.

3)  Instant Glucose – Yes, you must carry a source of glucose that could help you or the people with you in cases they get faint due to heat or unavailability of food. Such arrangement of glucose source like chocolate, glucose flavored powder, biscuit could help you to survive such situation. People having diabetes should not leave their home without any source of glucose with them.

4)  Water – Our body is nothing but the water utilization machine, it needs water even we are doing nothing slept on the bed. During travel our body manages itself with climatic conditions and in such condition it is always good to carry one or two water bottles.

5)  Entertainment – Our mind is like a wind it keeps on flowing in the way our thought flows. When we are alone especially during long travel, we should keep some sort of entertainment arrangement like music player or audio book in order to keep control over the mind. Our  mind gets attracted toward  negative thoughts and when we are alone the chances are high.

Such things never look so much important but you never know whey they save your life..

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