Things That Makes You Impotent

Lifestyle Things That Makes You Impotent

Lifestyle much has been said which contains its advantages and disadvantages, but have you ever thought that our lifestyle is the main secret of our health. Our mood, health, and happiness are totally on what kind of lifestyle you are living in. When it comes to sexual health there are many habits and lifestyle factors are responsible for screwing our sexual health. For all sexual health issues like premature ejaculation, low sperm, low libido, impotence lifestyle has been the top most cause and one has to take a look at the lifestyle that one is living.

Fancy Lifestyle Needs Money – To be in the game one has to spend more and more time to earn money that badly impacts sexual potency of a man. No sleep, low quality food, and irregular routine always been a part of the posh lifestyle, but all of them are the opening door to Impotence.

Kick Factors – Many people love smoking, drinks (alcohols), drugs as they give him a kick and relaxation. Such habits lead to addiction and that badly harms man’s sexual potency. All the addiction has to be stopped otherwise they will kick out your sexual health and your erection ability soon out of the window.

Eating Habits – When you get money in the pocket you automatically been fantasized with delicious looking food which is mostly high in fat and cholesterol. Continuous deposition of such food in the body leads to obesity and various blood pressure issues. Blood pressure has a direct connection with erection thus if you are having bad habits then you are going to get bad time with your erections.

The mind is Out of the Game – Most of the people living high-end lifestyle always been suffering from mental war and stress. Many responsibilities, competition always keep their mind out of the personal focus thus such people tend to get affected with Impotence.

Every time you ask the Doctor about Impotence then you will come to know that one should not keep Impotence in the body for a long time. It can be easily treated with a medicine such as Generic Viagra Gold which is known to be the best medicine. It helps you get good erection up to 5-6 hours and yet being a generic version of the brand it is damn affordable. One can have good sexual time with his partner using Gold Viagra.

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