Cool Summer

Let’s Try to Be Cool During Summer

Summer seasons where we have clear skies and hot temperature is always been a fascinating season for vacation, but when you decide to visit the place which is extremely hot then you have to be prepared for the things that will keep your health good in such temperature. There are some regions which go hot more than 50 degrees or even crosses 60 degrees Celsius temperature, but still people have to survive in that climate for their living. You can use air conditioning in your house or office, you cannot prevent yourself from exposing to climate when you are outside the air conditioned rooms. One has to apply some simple techniques in order to keep cool during summer.

1)      Wear Sunglasses – What we see always decides our mood and according to the mood we deal with climate. If you wear sunglasses it will give you mild feeling in such hot climate and one keep his mood calm in such temperature. Due to hot temperature our eyes may get damaged and that has chances to affect our vision and to avoid that one has worn sunglasses having UV protection glasses.

2)      Keep Hydrated – Water plays an the most important during summer because when your body becomes water deficient, it starts working improperly and that results in bad health and less productivity. Water is required all the time by our body to keep running our brains, digestion, keeping the body cool with sweat everything that we can’t even think. Always carry a water bottle with you so that you can immediately drink water.

3)      Eat cool – It does not meal that you need eat ice it just means it is required to eat food which are easy to digest and also do not heat our body. There are some food items that we eat are difficult to digest and create heat in our body. During summer our body may not like such things and that results in further complications.

4)      Sunscreen Lotions – Most of the people face skin tanning issue which fade our skin and that is not good if it is done on a regular basis. It is required to use sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the roaring sun. If you expose the skin, it may give you itches or cracks on the body and one can prevent this using sunscreen lotion.

We cannot avoid going out, but we can protect ourself from the climate.

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