Fear end now

Fear, Should Have an End Now

Great people have always said that whatever we learn from the past always makes our future, for successful people it is always proved as a boon and they strive for more more better life. But everyone is not lucky to learn from our childhood, it is up to everyone to take learnings together and everyone is responsible for that. On the other hand it is not in our hand that what kind of things happen in our life. Some people experience to many fearful experience that changes their lives completely and that becomes their future. Fear of certain things in our childhood becomes present of some people and they could not come out of it. Such disorder is known as Autism which is the fear developed due to past experience. Though the  base of autism is not based on scary experience, but due to some past experience, one cannot communicate well with others and that creates many other issues in his life.

One cannot decide about things which could be great or fearful some other depending upon their nature and under which surrounding they are growing up. Though fear is another name of terrorism that has no such existence. It is necessary to take care of such things because it may totally affect kids health and future life very badly. There are many cases have been observed by psychiatrist that many people have fear of some imaginary things which merely do not even exist on the planet earth.

Here are some things that one should understand and one should take care while growing their kids.

1)      Nowadays parents are needed to more responsible to avoid such issues because life has become another name of the rat race now. One cannot make such mistake that could become a thing that drowns his kids’ confidence when he actually want everything to survive in the competition.

2)      One should understand that our life is much more precious and one time gift, which is priceless and one should not waste it by fearing about something. This is the life and time that is not going to come back and it will not stop for you too. What you can do is to face the fear and move ahead in your life. Being happy and being soulful is an ultimate aim of life.

Beyond fear there is a very beautiful thing kept for you it is known as “Life, Just Live it”

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